Energy Healing / Reiki Introduction

You were born with the ability to heal, feel good, and feel whole

Energy Healing / Reiki fosters a calm, balanced, and peaceful state of being for the mind, body, spirit, and energy field (also referred to as "biofield") for people and animals. It's a wonderful way to care for yourself, and to help manage the effects of stress and busy-ness in your everyday life. 

It promotes renewal, and also recovery from ailments, traumas, and other dis-harmonies. It's also a perfect complement to Western/allopathic medicine and mental health modalities.

I can do sessions at my office, in hospitals, homes, at other locations, and at a distance (remotely).

What Happens in a Session? This is a gentle, non-intrusive modality. Energy flows through the practitioner, through her hands and mind, and into the client and his energy field. Energy Healing/Reiki can be done with or without touching the client. The client relaxes on the table or in a chair, wearing her/his own comfortable clothing. Soft, healing music and aromatherapy scents enhance the sessions. 

Reiki is one specific form of energy healing that originated in Japan. Rei means universal, mystery, gift, holy, spirit, or soul and Ki (Chi) means life energy.

My practice is Energy Healing with Reiki. I use Reiki and also incorporate techniques from other healing forms. For example, I use breathing techniques, some from the Quantum Touch method. I engage the intentional state of unconditional love for my client. I always continue to learn and to expand my practice.

Energy healing utilizes the innate, infinite energy of the universe and the earth. Your physical body - and everything in our physical/material world - is the 'form-of-matter' manifestation of its associated energy field. Thus, this modality works for people, animals, homes, buildings, land, and actually any ‘object’ you can think of. It also works for events such as trips and job interviews, projects such as businesses, or any other circumstance. 

Disharmony / disease / dysfunction often (or according to some sources, always) begins in the energy field, and then can eventually manifest in the physical body, the mind/brain, an object or location, or any event we experience. 


For people and animals disharmony takes the form of pain, injury, non-optimal functioning, depression, addictions, phobias, and many other symptoms. Traumas of any degree of intensity can disrupt our energy field. Emotional traumas can manifest as physical ailments, and physical traumas as mental ailments. Energy healing can support or facilitate the release of traumas, emotions, thought patterns, and other types of energetic imprints that no longer serve our highest good. 

Energy healing can help prevent disease, disharmony, and dysfunction by balancing the energy field. It supports the readjustment of energy that leads to healing disharmony that's already manifested.

Balancing the energy field and infusing it with more energy can help anyone or anything exist in a more harmonious state, and help optimize functioning and outcomes. 

Healing yourself or any aspect of your life also helps heal everyone else and the entire planet. All of us, all time, and all space are connected, and an effect on any one "part" affects the whole.


Energy Healing, Reiki, and all services and information I offer are not a substitute for professional medical, psychiatric, or psychological services, treatments, or medications. I do not offer medical, psychiatric, or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any form. 

Harmonize and Optimize