Energy Healing / Reiki for Pets and Animals


Pets and animals generally love Energy Healing / Reiki and respond very well to it! 

As one who lives with and cares for animals, you probably already know how sensitive they are to energy, to the environment, and even to how you are feeling and what you are thinking. 

Animals are tuned-in to energy, as they have a lot less between them and the information they get directly from the world right around them than we humans tend to.

Energy Healing / Reiki supports the healing and physical & emotional well-being of house pets, horses, or any animal in your life. I can do the treatment with or without touching the animal, in-person (at your home/farm) or as a distant healing (remotely). 

*My services are not a substitute for professional veterinary services. I do not offer veterinary services, treatments, or diagnosis of any kind in any form.

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