Intuitive Support and Consultation


Manifesting a Better Life Experience

Are  you experiencing a challenge, problem, or roadblock in your life? It's also an opportunity to learn and heal. I can offer catered-to-you energy and intuition enhancing exercises, healing and manifesting techniques, an intuitive read of your situation and your untapped potential power within it, and more.

I provide support for your well-being and a more optimal, empowered life experience. I do this by accessing a combination of the infinite knowledge offered by the universe through consciousness, my personal experience of healing and manifesting, and what I've learned from other people and approaches. 

A consultation can include recommendations for specific meditations or other energy enhancing exercises that take as little as 10 minutes per day. I'll give you simple and straight-forward healing and manifesting methods and techniques that have worked for me in truly profound ways.

I can also show you simple ways to access your own deep intuition, which you can then use to gain key answers and knowledge from your own consciousness, your dreams, physical ailments, and other aspects of your life.

The big, medium, and even smaller aspects of life can sometimes benefit from a new perspective, a new approach, and a boost of energy to counter-act stagnation. 

Even our physical ailments are here to teach us - or remind us - of some key part of ourselves and our life experience that needs more attention and processing.  

For some people the initial hour long consultation will include a brief Energy Healing / Reiki session. 

Consultations can be in-person at my office, at your home or other location, or via Skype or cell phone.

A client can schedule follow-up consultation sessions of 1/4 hour or more if they wish.

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