Energy Clearing for Your Home, Work, Projects, Events

Energy Healing / Reiki is used to clear and renew the energy of spaces, locations, and events. 

I can do a session on location or remotely to clear the energy of a new space or upcoming event, or to support the more harmonious and fruitful functioning of a place or project that is not working as you feel it could be. 

Here are a few examples of places and events that benefit from Energy Clearing:

Homes and workspaces

Any room, garden, building, property, or land

Your business, or a specific aspect of it

Special days or events, such as weddings

Trips and journeys

Endeavors such as house hunting, buying, or selling

Career changes and job hunting

Events that cause you anxiety or anxiousness

During the session, if you would like you are welcome to join me in a supportive and positive meditation
as I do the Energy Clearing.

Read and Learn More: sections of this book can be read at this link. Click the title below. 

Clearing: A Guide to Liberating Energies Trapped in Buildings and Lands   

By Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi)

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