Harmonize and Optimize

Everything exists with an ideal ‘blueprint’ – that is, with a potential for perfect, harmonious optimal functioning and/or outcomes. This includes all organisms, objects, enterprises, systems, and events. Consider your own body and mind; the business you’ve started or plan to launch; your next vacation or business trip; your new plan for improving your own health and fitness. These are only a few examples.

The blueprint exists as part of the creation, imagining, and/or planning of anything. It exists first, is part of the energy field, and remains there. Sometimes energy stagnates or becomes blocked, and thus inhibits the connection between the physical/lived manifestation of a thing (person, experience, object, etc.) and its blueprint. 

Energy Healing can help the mind/body or any object, venture, etc. to form a stronger connection with the blueprint by balancing the energy field and increasing the flow of energy through it. 

Energy Healing / Reiki fosters a calm, balanced, and peaceful state of being for the mind, body, and energy field (biofield) for people and animals. It is a wonderful way to care for oneself, and to help manage the effects of stress and busy-ness in your everyday life. 

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