Distant Healing Sessions

We  can have a remote session together using Skype, or even using cell phones. 

Energy is not confined or restricted by time or space! 

You can benefit from a healing session in the comfort and privacy of your home in any country, from any time-zone.

Non-time-coordinated Energy Healing / Reiki Therapy

I can send treatments to you/your energy field at anytime. Because energy is not restricted by space-time, you and I don't have to experience your session simultaneously. This method does work best if the client can do at least a brief meditation - or period of conscious thought - focusing awareness on receiving the healing energy, at any time of their choosing.

Contact me for information and scheduling. 

Charlottesville, Virginia

My practice is located in the beautiful, art-filled town of Charlottesville, Virginia. 

My office is easy to get to - just one block off the Route 250 Bypass.

Our small city is a wonderful place for a well-being appointment. 

There's a lot of good energy here, with a beautiful landscape and abundant culture, art, history, and healthy food from all over the globe. We locals sometimes call it "Cville" for short.

Treat yourself or a loved-one to an Energy Healing / Reiki session. 

Come for just a few hours, overnight, or even for a mini-vaction.