Treat yourself or a loved-one to a session of Healing and Renewal

Please call or email me (below) to set an appointment, or for any other information.

For Distance Healing (remote) sessions we'll use Skype. It's simple to use and I can help you set it up.

Non-time-coordinated sessions will be set-up by email. Please contact me (below). 

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Energy  Healing, Reiki, and all services and information I offer are not a substitute for professional medical, psychiatric, or psychological  services, treatments, or medications. I do not offer medical, psychiatric, or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment in any form.  

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Reiki / Energy Healing Sessions 

in my Charlottesville office or Remote (using Skype or cellphone)

1/2 hour session $48

1 hour session $88

1 1/2 hour session $122

Intuitive Support Consultation

Initial 1 hour appointment $100

Follow-ups start at $25

On-Site Fee

All appointments/consultation/Energy Clearing on-site at a hospital, care facility, your home/property/other location
Applies to all in-person sessions with pets and animals 

To the rates above add:

$20 for locations within approx. a 14 minute drive from my office

$30+ for locations approx. 15 minutes or more from my office

Please call or email me so I can determine the exact fee


Send an email to Greta

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries. 

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Healing Reiki and Intuitive Support with Greta

1713 D Allied Lane, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903, United States

(434) 466-0258


Hours are by appointment only. Contact me at anytime.