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Experience the Benefits of Reiki / Energy Healing


You were born with the ability to heal, feel good, and feel whole.

Energy Healing fosters calm, balance, and peace for the mind, body, spirit, and energy field (biofield). 

It can stimulate and support deep healing from 

dis-ease and trauma.

And it's a wonderful way to care for yourself & help manage the effects of stress and busy-ness in your everyday life. 

About Reiki / Energy Healing

For your animals, home, work, projects, land, life events


Everything exists with a potential for harmonious optimal functioning/outcomes. 

Animals generally love Reiki, as it can benefit their physical and emotional health.

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Clear the energy of a new space, upcoming event, or an existing location or project that is not working as you feel it could be. 

About Energy Clearing

Intuitive Support and Consultation


Experiencing a challenge, problem, or roadblock in your life? It's also an opportunity to learn and heal.

I offer catered-to-you intuition &

energy enhancing exercises, healing & manifesting techniques, an intuitive read of your situation and untapped potential power within it, and more.

The big, medium, and small aspects of life can benefit from a new perspective & approach, and a boost of energy to counter-act stagnation. 

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